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India@75 and Give India has come together to create a movement where all Indians work together to ABOLISH HUNGER in India.

We call on you- the citizen- to actively take the lead in making this happen.

We start this campaign by providing mid day meals in Gujarat, Orissa and Chattisgarh.

The dimensions of hunger can be guaged from the fact that, India has reached self-sufficiency in meeting its food grain requirements long back, still on the Global Hunger Index, India stands at 66th position among 88 countries that were evaluated. This makes India to be among 22 hungriest nations of the world Read more...


Gujarat is a classic example where economic prosperity of a state does not indicate that the benefits would reach every citizen.

Even as Gujarat is among the top six states for per capita State Domestic Product, it has glaring prevalance of hunger. The level of hunger in Gujarat is higher than West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.

To fight hunger in Gujarat, by contributing to mid day meals in Schools, click Donate


Orissa is one of richest states in India in terms of natural resources but is second economically poorest state in country.

Orissa accounts for nearly 20 percent of malnutrition deaths of the country, and has India's highest infant mortality rate at 69 per 1,000 live births in rural areas(against the all-India statistics of 57 per 1,000 live births).

To fight hunger in Orissa, by contributing to mid day meals in Schools, click Donate


Chattisgarh produces 15 percent of the steel made in the country and is a leading producer of electric power. It boasts of being India’s densest forest with 44% of State under forest cover.

Inspite of high industrialization, forest cover and agriculture, Chattisgarh fares worse than Orissa and Gujarat on India State Hunger Index (ISHI).

To fight hunger in Chhattisgarh, by contributing to mid day meals in Schools, click Donate

Your Contribution

You can help in fighting hunger by contributing to midday meals in these three states:


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